Outlaw Bonnie Yellow Male


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LITTER: Outlaw Bonnie Litter
Born : 3-20-2023
SEX: Male
PUD ID: 0429
Price: $5,500
Availability: 5-14-2023

Availability: 1 in stock

Introducing our splendid litter of purebred Boerboel puppies – a unique blend of strength, alertness, and a gentle temperament. Each puppy in this litter has been bred and raised with special care, mirroring the majestic nature of their South African ancestry. This lineage, famously known for their loyalty and protectiveness, can bring a unique charisma and warmth to your household.

**Key Features:**

1. **Purebred Boerboel Breed:** Our puppies are 100% purebred Boerboels, ensuring that they carry the finest traits of this magnificent breed – strength, intelligence, and a charming personality.

2. **Health Guarantee:** Each of our Boerboel puppies comes with a complete health guarantee. They’ve been vet-checked, vaccinated, de-wormed, and microchipped for their well-being and your peace of mind.

3. **Pedigree Status:** Bred from a line of champions, our Boerboel puppies hold an impressive pedigree status. Their lineage can be traced back to the original Boerboel dogs of South Africa, known for their robust health and unmatched loyalty.

4. **Family Friendly:** Boerboels are famous for their love and protectiveness towards their human families. Our puppies have been socialized early to ensure they are comfortable and friendly around children and other pets.

5. **Training Ready:** These puppies are eager learners, making them highly trainable. With their innate intelligence and willingness to please, you’ll find it a joy to introduce them to basic commands and obedience training.

6. **Appearance:** Our Boerboel puppies exhibit the classic traits of the breed – strong bone structure, impressive muscular development, and an attractive coat in shades from tawny to russet.

**Additional Information:**

Whether you’re seeking a family pet, a loyal companion, or a reliable watchdog, these Boerboel puppies are up to the task. Their unmatched loyalty, intelligence, and physical prowess make them an ideal choice for a variety of homes and lifestyles. These puppies are bred for their superior qualities and are sure to become a proud addition to your family.

**Please Note:** We are devoted to ensuring that our Boerboel puppies find loving homes where they will be treated with the respect and care they deserve. Prior to purchase, we would love to have a conversation with you to ensure our puppies will be a good fit for your home and lifestyle.

Join us in celebrating the joy these Boerboel puppies can bring to your life! Contact us today to reserve your new family member.


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